Hi! My name is Julie and in a 24 y/o girl from Norway

5 months into my trip, I logged in to a blog I originally started for fun at the beginning of my travel but quickly stopped updating. Too busy lying on the beach, hiking volcanos and such. I noticed that one of my posts got close to 2000 reads, just though Pinterest. Well, maybe not too much for those big bloggers out there, but for little me, it looked like a lot. At that point, I decided to take a chance and start an independent blog about my adventures. If it doesn’t make it in the online jungle out there, at least it will be an amazing way for me to look back on my adventures later. So as I continue to finish my last months of this Latin America adventure, I intend to work hard on the blog and hope to be able to tell the story of my first big solo backpacking adventure. Definitely not the last though, as I already have a ticket back to Brazil and hope to plan another adventure in a different part of the world soon.

This is my hunt for a life without any local restrictions and ties, me pursuing the life I want to live. Hope you enjoy it!


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